Twitch & YouTube Partnership Program

We are excited to announce our new Partner Program available for Streamers and Youtubers! If you are interested in joining us to grow with our new game A.V.A: Dog Tag, please review our information below and submit your application.


01. 1 video a week for YouTube, minimum length of 3 minutes in total

02. 2 hours a week of streaming on Twitch in total

03. Create engaging content that will make viewers play the game

04. Be positive. You can give feedback and be negative about the game, but be nuanced about it. No bashing.

05. If you cannot provide content for a specific week, inform the OP team in the #availability channel

06. Adhere to Twitch, YouTube and Red Duck Terms of Service whilst creating content

07. The applying user needs to have 500 followers on Twitch or 1k subscribers on YouTube (Tier 1)


Tier 1. Affiliate

Twitch: 500 followers and 10 concurrent viewers / Youtube: 1000 subscribers min

  • Designed for Streamers interested in growing together with the game.
  • Affiliate is required (Twitch)
  • Work with Partners to boost your channel and reach higher tiers
  • Option to test new items on request and showcase them
  • Access to Discord channels for Partners

Tier 2. Partner

Twitch: 1,000 followers and 20 concurrent viewers / Youtube: 2,000 subscribers min

  • Tier 1 perks
  • Partner title on Discord
  • Monthly giveaway basic package (in-game cosmetic items, CBT Keys)
  • Member of A.V.A Dog Tag Partner Twitch Team (Twitch Only)
  • Ability to create custom matches in Event channel

Tier 3. Official Partner

15,000 followers and 50 concurrent viewers / 30,000 subscribers min

  • Tier 2 perks
  • Monthly giveaway premium package (in-game loot, DLC keys, seasonal items, CBT Keys)
  • Materials can be used for game promotion on socials
  • Seasonal IRL item giveaway
  • Twitch channel hosted on official website & social platforms
  • Ability to create custom matches in Event channel
  • Tiers:*Disclaimer: For YouTube streamers, concurrent viewers applies. Average views is for videos itself

Twitch & Youtube

Partners Application